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Education refers to the way adults and children are taught new skills and knowledge and through acquiring such, can expand socially, advance professionally and gain better insights to new situations and concepts. In the United States, more money is spent per-pupil on education than in any other western country. However, despite this, America has suffered consistently declining test results in literacy, the sciences, and math over the most part of the past two decades. Moreover, in the U.S. a high school diploma reached at the age of 18, is only equivocal to the level of education which children in the UK and Europe reach by age 16.

Given the above, groups have been calling for reform of the U.S. Education system for some time. The present state of the U.S. education system is perceived as not doing enough to either prepare Americans for the workplace, or inspire people toward higher education.

Most recently the U.S. has implemented the Common Core States Standard Initiative. This being an attempt to improve and standardize education across states, Common Core seeks to change the way students are taught a number of subjects. In doing so, Common Core has introduced more standardized testing and has laid down academic standards which American children are expected to achieve by certain grade levels. However, Common Core has been criticized by some parenting groups as lowering basic education standards in some subjects, as well as increasing the in general stress and workload put on young people.

Of course, the future of Common Core is still a work in progress, Democrats however, are often quick to point out how Common Core seems to hold more promise than 2002’s No Child Left Behind educational reforms. This being a George W. Bush era education reform program, the NCLB was replaced in December 2015 by the Every Student Succeeds Act.

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