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Immigration quotes, statements and views



Immigration to the U.S. has been a heated issue for decades. From failures in the integrity of U.S. borders, to the impact of immigration on the American labor market, many Americans are averse to large scale immigration. However, with estimates putting the total amount of undocumented workers in America at 11 million, no administration has as detailed an effective plan to either stem the flow of further immigrants, or facilitate the documentation or removal of illegal immigrants already living and working in the United States.

With it being increasingly argued that illegal immigration reduces availability of jobs whilst at the same time driving down wages, many American citizens are supportive of immigration reform which would tighten rules on who can and can’t live and work in America. However, industries such as the tech-industry are only supportive of immigration reform which would allow more skilled overseas workers into the U.S. To make matters more complicated, whilst many argue that America simply doesn’t have the domestic resources to round up and remove 11 million illegal immigrants, one third of such immigrants are now believed to be the parents of U.S. born children.

Due to the number of illegal immigrants already in the U.S, there is strong bipartisan support for legislation that would create a pathway to document and legitimize many immigrants. Moreover, during the Obama administration's time in office, executive orders were passed granting amnesty and deferral of deportation to several classes of illegal immigrants. However, many Republicans especially, believe that not being more heavy handed with illegal immigrants will only encourage more people to attempt to enter the United States undocumented.

Of course, immigration to the United States is far from a new phenomenon. As early as 1980, census experts were already estimating that there were 2 to 4 million illegal immigrants residing in America. However, with this number remaining relatively stable until 1994, the chief concern of many at present is that illegal immigration has significantly escalated over the past twenty years.

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