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Bernie Sanders (Withdrew) quotes, statements and views

Bernie Sanders (Withdrew)
Bernie Sanders


Previously ranked as one of America's best Mayors, Bernie Sanders entered politics in 1971 via the Liberty Union Party, an offshoot at the time, of the then anti-war movement and since defunct People’s Party. Presently serving as junior United States Senator for Vermont, Bernie Sanders, prior to his 2015 affiliation with the Democrat Party, was the United States' longest serving independent Senator in the U.S. Congress in History.

A self professed social democrat, Bernie Sanders has a long history of being critical of not just U.S. Foreign policy, but also a U.S. taxation system which favors the richest in society under the auspices of promoting competitiveness in business.

Born in Brooklyn in 1941 to Jewish parents and with his paternal grandparents having perished in the Holocaust, Bernie Sanders has asserted that his interest in politics stated as consequence of his innate understanding of politics from the perspective of what can happen when men like Adolf Hitler rise to power. True to form then, Bernie Sanders was affiliated with the Young People’s Socialist League whilst studying at the University of Chicago and was an active part of the then civil rights movement.

Leading a rally in 1962 against then university President George Wells Beadle’s campus housing segregation policy of black and white students, Bernie Sanders' commitment to civil rights and economic equality has been noted for its consistency throughout his political career.

Opposing both Iraq wars, as well as the controversial U.S. Patriot Act, Bernie Sanders was critical of the Bush administration during its 2001-2008 tenure of the White House, as well as Alan Greenspan during his time as Chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

However, Bernie Sanders consistently ranks well in U.S. polls, with a November 2015 Morning Consult Poll even recognizing Sanders as the most popular senator in America. The pivot then, of Bernie Sanders' success or not running for president in 2016, rests with how well or not he can present his message of progressive, social democratic values to the U.S. electorate.

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