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Carly Fiorina (Withdrew) quotes, statements and views

Carly Fiorina (Withdrew)


Beginning her career as a management trainee at AT&T in 1980, Carly Fiorina, born in 1954, was successful in becoming the first female CEO of the company. Later moving on to become CEO of the technology firm Hewlett Packard, Carly Fiorina then became the first female lead of a Fortune magazine top 20 listed company.

During her time at HP, Carly Fiorina was instrumental in overseeing a 2002 merger between HP and Compaq - then the largest technology firm merger in history. With her notable business success, paired with the fact that Fiorina started out as a secretary in a real estate office, Carly Fiorina has therefore asserted herself as a citizen politician rather than a member of America's established political class.

Announcing her candidacy for the White House in May 2015, Carly Fiorina first entered politics through working for Republican Senator John McCain’s 2006 -2008 presidential campaign. Never having held public office, Fiorina was regardless tipped at the time as a possible candidate for vice president should McCain have been successful in his then bid for the presidency.

In place of holding previous political office, Carly Fiorina has cited her chairmanship of various policy making and non-profit organizations such as the world's largest philanthropic agency Good360, as character and experiential qualifications. Likewise, Fiorina has previously served as a member of the CIA’s External Advisory Board, helping address U.S. foreign policy crises.

A Republican canditade for the 2016 U.S. presidency, Carly Fiorina describes herself as pro life and is critical of Obama administration foreign policy initiatives such as those concerning Iran and Cuba. Also in favor of repealing the 2010 Affordable Care Act, Fiorina is similarly against creating pathways for the legalization of illegal immigrants, a national minimum wage prerogative and is in favor of lowering taxes and reducing government regulations on businesses.

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