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Chris Christie (Withdrew) quotes, statements and views

Chris Christie (Withdrew)
Chris Christie Presidential Campaign 2016


Chris Christie, first elected as Governor of New Jersey in 2010, before being re-elected after a second landslide victory in 2013, announced his standing for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination in June 2015.

Born in 1962, Chris Christie first expressed interest in American politics at the age of fifteen, when he volunteered in support of Thomas Kean in the 1975 gubernational campaign. A lawyer and lobbyist by profession, Chris Christie practiced law in New Jersey after graduating from Seton University School of Law and was elected and served as Morris County Legislator between 1995 and 1998.

Having campaigned for George W. H. Bush and having been a top fundraiser for the George W. Bush presidential campaign, Chris Christie was appointed by George W. Bush in 2002, as United States Attorney for the State of New Jersey.

Announcing his running in 2009, for Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie was successful at defeating incumbent Governor John Corzine. Later, after winning a second term over Democrat Barbra Buono, Christie was also elected as Chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

From a fiscal perspective, Chris Christie managed to balance the annual state budget of New Jersey. However, some controversy surrounds Christie's assertion that he was able to do so without raising taxes. This is due to reductions during Christie’s tenure, in certain state tax credit schemes. Under Chris Christie's governance, the State of New Jersey also had its credit rating reduced nine consecutive times, leaving New Jersey with the second lowest credit rating in the United States.

Voicing concern at discussion in regard to seeking paths towards legalizing illegal immigrants, Chris Christie has expressed a belief in a need to strengthen America's borders. Pro-life, Chris Christie has traditionally had strong support from the Republican Party and vetoed during his time as Governor of New Jersey, legislature which would have led to minimum wage rises, extended animal welfare legislation and same sex marriage legislation.

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