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Donald Trump quotes, statements and views

Donald Trump
Donald Trump


One of the most occupationally diverse in the running for the 2016 presidential nomination, Donald Trump, born in 1946 in Queens, New York, is a leading U.S. business magnate. Mainstream television personality, acclaimed investor and pioneer of the Trump brand of entertainment, resorts and residential developments, Donald Trump has been a heavy weight for over thirty years on the domestic American and global business scene.

The son of a remote Scottish island born mother and New York city real estate developer, Donald Trump, unlike other candidates for the 2016 presidential nomination, is far from a career politician. Advocates of Donald Trump's nomination are in this case quick to highlight the magnate's prowess when it comes to domestic and international business negotiations and jobs creation.

Cited by Forbes magazine in 2015, as having a net worth of $4 billion, Donald Trump has regardless proved himself popular with many working class American voters. This despite various media controversies such as those surrounding Trump’s supposed avoidance of the U.S. draft during the late 1960s and America's then conflict with Vietnam.

Formally announcing his running for the 2016 presidency in June 2015, Donald Trump is no stranger to the U.S. political scene. Being an early advocate of Ronald Reagan for president, as well as having previously mentioned the idea of personally running for president in 1988, 2004 & 2012, Donald Trump has also made substantial contributions to U.S. (Republican & Democratic) party candidates over the course of the past two decades.

Not afraid of courting controversy, Donald Trump has also been markedly outspoken over the past decade, in regard to his support for government economic rescue strategies of the U.S. automotive industry, his apparent belief that vaccines are part responsible for rising incidences of autism, and his questioning of the legitimacy of President Barrack Obama’s true birth specifics.

That aside, Donald Trump's trump card for victory in the race for the 2016 presidency, is one which rests on the business magnate's assertion that he has the power to become, "greatest jobs president that God ever created."

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