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George Pataki (Withdrew) quotes, statements and views

George Pataki (Withdrew)
George Pataki


Born in Peekskill, New York in 1945, George Elmer Pataki is a former three term governor of New York, who served the city between 1995 and 2006. One of only three Republican governors of the city since 1923, George Pataki has subsequently prided himself on successfully leading New York State through the crisis of the 2001 World Trade Center terror attacks.

Announcing his candidacy for the White House in May 2015, George Pataki withdrew from the race on December 29th 2015, after failing to break single digits in voter polls and not being selected to appear in prime time televised debates with other candidates.

One of the first GOP candidates for the presidency in 2016 to call for deployment of U.S. troops in Iraq to tackle the rise of ISIS, Pataki also made headlines in 2015 for attacking fellow running mate Donald Trump.

Entering politics in 1981 as the youngest elected mayor of his home town Peekskill, George Pataki went on in 1985, to serve four consecutive terms as a member of the New York State Assembly. Becoming senator for the State of New York’s 37th district in 1993, Pataki then defeated Democrat Mario Cuomo in 1995, in order to start the first of his three terms as Governor of the state.

A lawyer by profession, George Pataki was nominated by President George W. Bush in 2007, to represent the United States at the 62nd session of the General Assembly of the U.N.

Describing himself as pro-choice in regard to abortion, George Pataki is of note among Republicans, in that whilst Governor of New York, Pataki also supported LGBT causes. Committed also to tax cuts and various fiscal initiatives, the state of New York had its credit rating raised three times during Pataki’s service. In the meantime, George Pataki has been praised for his expansion during his time in office, of health care to some of New York state's most disadvantaged citizens.

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