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Hillary Clinton quotes, statements and views

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton


A popular, albeit polarizing candidate for the 2016 presidency, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is no stranger to the White House. Serving as Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013 after losing the 2008 presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton isn’t just notably recognized due to her steerage of U.S. foreign policy in response to the Arab Spring, but also her wider involvement in controversies such as the 2012 Benghazi affair.

Formerly serving as First Lady during her husband Bill Clinton’s 1993 to 2001 tenure of the White House, Hillary was also successful in the year 2000, in replacing Daniel Patrick Moynihan in the U.S. Senate. In doing so, she became the first ever female Senator of New York. Moreover, although initially supportive of U.S. Military action in Afghanistan and Iraq, from then until 2006 when she was re-elected, Clinton was vocal in her objection to the then Bush administration's actual conduct of the Iraq war, as well as many of the same administration's domestic policy initiatives.

In effort then, to assist in reshaping international perceptions of American leadership and values in the wake of her losing the 2008 presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton focused during her time as Secretary of State on what has since been coined ‘smart power’. Promoting better appreciation of U.S. values during her time in office, through American technological and economic prowess, as well as ‘smart’ diplomacy and military interventions, Hillary Clinton personally visited more countries during her time as Secretary of State than any other before her.

Born on October 26, 1947 in Chicago, Hillary Clinton is the wife of former President Bill Clinton and has a professional background as an esteemed lawyer. She is the author of five books and is noted for pursuing the Democratic nomination for the 2016 presidency.

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