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Jim Gilmore (Withdrew) quotes, statements and views

Jim Gilmore (Withdrew)
Jim Gilmore


Announcing his candidacy for the 2016 U.S. presidency in July 2015, James Stuart Gilmore III (born 1949) is a Republican who served as Governor of the State of Virginia from 1998 to 2002.

Campaigning for office as governor in 1997, Jim Gilmore pledged to instigate measures which would phase out personal property tax on personal vehicles and improve public schools in Virginia by hiring 4,000 new teachers. Successfully passing a progressive vehicular tax bill in Virginia’s Democrat controlled General Assembly, Jim Gilmore also took measures to protect education spending, this despite passing an executive order to reduce state spending overall during the then economic downturn.

During his tenure as Governor of Virginia, Jim Gilmore also served as chair of the U.S.Congressional Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce. Playing a significant role in persuading Congress not to implement taxation measures on the Internet, Jim Gilmore also advised both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush on matters relating to potential domestic terrorism concerns regarding weapons of mass destruction.

Forbidden due to Virginia state law, from seeking a consecutive term as governor, Jim Gilmore ran for the Senate in 2008. However, after winning only 34% of the vote, Gilmore was defeated by Mark Warner, a democrat who had also succeeded him as governor of Virginia in 2002.

Pro-choice in regard to abortion, Jim Gilmore has traditionally attempted to appease right leaning pro-life groups by stating that abortion before 8 weeks is not justifiable, but shouldn't actually be prohibited. Likewise, in 2001, Gilmore passed legislation in Virginia banning partial birth abortions whilst at the same time also legislating informed consent and 24-hour waiting periods.

Disappointed by the slow growth of the U.S. economy in the wake of the 2008 financial collapse, Jim Gilmore supported cutting taxes for all Americans, as well as reducing business tax in order to foster stronger economic growth and reduce unemployment. Also of concern to Gilmore, is protection of peoples 2nd Amendment rights to bare arms, Americas need for better border security and health care reform.

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