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Marco Rubio (Withdrew) quotes, statements and views

Marco Rubio (Withdrew)


With strong views regarding the fiscal management of the United States under the Barack Obama administration, Marco Rubio announced his entering of the 2016 presidential race in April 2015.

Born in 1971 to Cuban immigrant parents, Marco Rubio grew up in Miami Florida, and entered office in April 1998, as City Commissioner for West Miami. A life long republican, Marco Rubio interned whilst studying law at the University of Miami, for both U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Republican Senator Bob Dole during his 1996 presidential campaign.

Entering the Florida House of Representatives in 1999, Marco Rubio served almost nine years as part of the Florida House of Representatives, whilst at the same time working as a majority whip and later house speaker.

In 2010 and with strong Tea Party support, Marco Rubio succeeded Florida Senator Mel Martinez in Congress. While in Congress, Rubio co-sponsored bills aimed at reducing the size of the Federal Government and voted against 2012’s controversial fiscal cliff resolutions. In doing so, Marco Rubio responded to critics by citing possible higher instances of unemployment brought about by the resolutions, as well as concern that the resolutions in question would actually do very little to relieve America's debt burden.

During time in Congress, Marco Rubio also proposed path to citizenship legislation for undocumented workers and immigrants and was selected in 2013, to deliver the official Republican response to President Barack Omama’s then State of The Union address.

Being supportive of opening U.S. veterans care to private providers, Marco Rubio has been similarly supportive of tax and welfare reform, particularly reform targeted at alleviating tax burdens on middle class members of American society.

Well regarded by conservative Republicans, Marco Rubio was tipped to run as a Republican Presidential Candidate in 2012. However, Rubio instead endorsed Mitt Romney.

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