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Rand Paul (Withdrew) quotes, statements and views

Rand Paul (Withdrew)
Rand Paul


Born in Pennsylvania in 1963, Randal Howard Paul, son of Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, first entered politics himself in 1994. Founding the then Kentucky Taxpayers United watchdog, Rand Paul has been consistent throughout his political career, in supporting public accountability of those in office, as well as strong libertarian views.

Rising to popularity during his time supporting his father Ron Paul, in his own 2008 campaign for president, Rand Paul was widely acknowledged at the time, for his involvement in the Kentucky arm of the Tea Party movement.

Riding a tide of popular interest in the Tea Party movement, Rand Paul announced his intention to run for the Senate in 2009 on the 236th anniversary of the actual Boston Tea Party. Promoting a federal ban on abortion, lower taxes, and a libertarian view that government itself should be downsized, Rand Paul was successful in November 2010, in defeating Democratic Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, in order to claim Kentucky’s junior senate seat.

With Rand Paul’s success at the time being the first considerable victory for a candidate with strong support of the Tea Party, Paul received significant criticism post his victory, from both Kentucky State and national media groups.

Focusing whilst senator, on reducing federal government debt and certain social security benefits, Rand Paul has also been an outspoken critic of the NSA and CIA. In 2013, Rand Paul subsequently attempted to instigate greater debate regarding the Obama administration's use of drones in the war on terror, by delaying John Brennan’s then appointment as head of the CIA by means of a thirteen hour senate speech.

Announcing his running for the White House in April 2015, Rand Paul is pro-life, in favor of Americans' right to bare arms, is against mandatory vaccination laws and is a staunch proponent of limiting the reach of the federal government.

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