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Scott Walker (Withdrew) quotes, statements and views

Scott Walker (Withdrew)
Scott Walker Presidential Campaign


The first governor in U.S. history to win a re-call election, Scott Walker announced his running for the 2016 republican presidential nomination in July 2015. Exiting in the race in September 2015, Scott Walker has since advised other republican candidates to do the same and rally in support instead for Donald Trump.

Avowedly conservative, Scott Walker was born in Colorado Springs in 1967 and first ran for a seat on the Wisconsin State Assembly in 1989 at just 22 years old. Failing on his first attempt, Scott Walker later ran again in 1993 and won a seat due to both his pro-life and pro-welfare beliefs and the endorsement of The Milwaukee Sentinel newspaper.

Re-elected four times, Scott Walker later became executive of Milwaukee County in 2002 and was re-elected to this position again in 2004 and 2008. Later elected as Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker pledged business tax cuts and placed a heavy emphasis on job creation. However, in 2011, Walker also presented what became famously known as the Budget Repair Bill, legislation which would strip state workers of most collective bargaining rights. This caused considerable controversy and lead to many Wisconsin residents demanding a recall election which Scott Walker won in June 2012.

Controversy remained however, when it was revealed that two thirds of the $37 million which Scott Walker managed to accrue in donations for his recall campaign, actually came from out of state donors.

Later, Scott Walker caused further controversy by returning a federal grant of $36.5 million which had been allocated to Wisconsin in order to set up a health care exchange for the Barack Obama administrations Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act. Then in 2013, Walker signed legislation which would require women looking to have an abortion, to submit to an ultrasound scan and be presented with a picture of the child they are considering terminating. Staunchly conservative, Scott Walker is also vocally against any kind of right to work initiative for illegal immigrants.

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