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Well now, that’s exactly right. August 21st in Iowa, we’re doing a national rally for religious liberty. It should be a fantastic event, and what we’re doing is really telling the story of men and women who’ve stood up for their faith and have been persecuted for it. And we are saying such an assault on religious liberty right now – it is jeopardized and the mainstream media belittles this. They suggest that these are not real threats and so the purpose of this rally is to really to put a face to what these challenges are. People like Dick and Betty Odgaard – which is a couple I’ve gotten to know quite well who live in Iowa – they own an historic Lutheran church and for years they hosted weddings in their church. Couple of years ago, two men came in and wanted to get married in their church and the Odgaards are devout Mennonites and they said that they couldn’t host a same-sex wedding because it was contrary to their faith. The next day, they were sued. They were in enmeshed in protracted litigation. They ended up having to pay $5,000 to settle the case and to promise never again to host any other wedding. As a result, they have gone out of business. All of the people who worked in their business have been laid off this month. And they’ve been persecuted simply because they wanted to follow their religious faith. That is contrary to the 1st Amendment, but it’s also contrary to who we are as an American people.
HH: The “Newsboys” – I’ll go out with some “Newsboys” music when you come back on, when you leave the segment. But you’re bringing together all the victims of failure to honor their free exercise of religion. What message are sending with this rally next Saturday, Ted Cruz?
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Senator Ted Cruz On The Debates, The Iran Deal Vote, And 2016
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Hugh Hewitt
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Friday, August 14, 2015